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Diving spaces for the 12th and 13th May
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Rubbish Collected Here!

Plastic bottles and sea debris collection point

Rubbish Collected Here!

From now on here at Dive Beyond we are proud to say Rubbish Collected Here!  And no, this is not a reflection on our dearly beloved and incredibly talented divers!  We all know and are hopefully aware of the pollution, especially from plastic, that is in the sea these days. It’s all over the news on an almost daily basis.  And quite rightly so.

And at risk of being seen to be band-wagon jumping we decided it was time we did something to help too. But obviously we can’t do it without you!

So in a bid to try and do our small bit for the ocean we have added 2 rather smart new bins to the dive centre.  One to collect plastic bottles and one to collect rubbish from the sea. And we hope you will all start filling them immediately.

  • The green one is for plastic bottles.
  • And the blue one is for rubbish picked up from the seabed, beach or floating on the surface.

Plastic Bottles.

Unfortunately here on Portland we can only recycle plastic bottles at the local recycling centre.  Which is why we aren’t saying that all plastic can go in this bin.  But let’s at least collect and recycle our water, coke, fizzy- pop or juice bottles.

Underwater/Beach rubbish.

Anything you see that shouldn’t be there please pick up and bring back with you.  But do make sure it isn’t going to hurt you or in anyway make your dive unsafe (beware of anything too heavy or sharp).  Also remember we are diving around what used to be a very large Royal Navy base, so there are things that are best not brought to the surface down there!

Of course please make sure there isn’t some poor innocent little critter living in the bottle you’re about to swipe!! We do want Rubbish Collected Here but not by stealing someones home!

Making a Difference

If you’re interested in seeing what a difference you can make then have a look at Divers Against Debris.  We have cards in the centre or you can click here to find out more and register your interest and support. It’s an amazing scheme that is making a difference around the world.

Another organisation that you can visit to help is Just One Ocean which you can have a look at by clicking here.  This is run by divers so they truly understand our sport and what we can do to help. The founder spent 9 years working with Plastic Oceans and is setting up both UK and global projects.  Go visit, it’s good stuff!

In the meantime, collect rubbish and bin it.  Stay hydrated by drinking lots of bottled water and then bin the bottles! After all we want to be able to say Rubbish Collected Here!

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