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It’s ‘that’ time of year again – a slightly serious post.
10th April 2018
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Bank Holiday Monday Diving
3rd May 2018
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Dive, laugh, enjoy

Diving is Fun!

May Bank Holiday Diving. Well here I am sitting in the pouring rain feeling as much like diving as I do running a marathon ( I’d happily eat one, for those of you old enough too remember!) but… the forecast for the weekend is FABULOUS.  I know, unbelieveable it’s a Bank Holiday and the weather is always horrid. Not this one it seems! HURRAH!!!

So claim the lawnmower is broken, the mice have eaten your paint brushes and your toolbox has gone missing! Grab the neoprene (or membrane we aren’t suit-ist!) and head for Portland and Dive Beyond to do a spot of bubbling.  Or non-bubbling if that’s your bag, or box rather!

For this coming weekend we have the following dives that you might enjoy!


09.00: The Countess of Erne – 3 spaces left.

11.00: The Dredger – 2 spaces available.

13.00: Pulpit Rock – 4 spaces available.


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