It’s ‘that’ time of year again – a slightly serious post.

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It’s ‘that’ time of year again – a slightly serious post.

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It’s ‘that’ time of year again

Yes it’s the beginning of the dive season again, which obviously here at Dive Beyond we’re delighted about!

BUT, and it’s a big BUT,  the first couple of months of the season always seem to bring the most issues and problems; kit failures, broken stuff.  Plus divers perhaps not quite as dive fit as they were at the end of the summer the previous year.  I can attest to that – my dry suit has shrunk and my kit definitely weighs a LOT more than it seemed to in December last year!  All of this can lead to problems, at best an aborted dive, at worst a helicopter ride… or something truly dreadful.  All for the sake of a little practice and a shakedown dive perhaps.

Now as divers we are all a reasonably responsible lot.  We have a hobby that is amazing and provided we follow the rules incredibly safe. But (and here’s that big BUT again) when things go wrong they can get serious pdq.

Ask yourself honestly (properly honestly, not the kind where you forget about those 3 bars of chocolate/pints of beer)… when was the last time you did a full buddy check? When did you last practice an out of air drill? Would you REALLY be able to get your buddy and you to the surface safely in an emergency? Are you correctly weighted or are you carrying several kilos of lead too much?


We’re really aware that for most divers there tends to be a gap in their diving from October to April/May.  In that time kit can get a bit dusty and not behave itself when needed.

In an effort to help people get back in the water SAFELY for the rest of April and all of May there will be one dive a weekend to the Dredger for £10 for anyone whose first dive of the season it is.  We hold you on your honour not to extract the michael on this and just go for a cheap dive.  It’s too important an issue. So if you’ve been in the water successfully already this year then please book on other dives.  This is most firmly NOT a promotion for Dive Beyond.  It is a sincere attempt to go some very small way to preventing accidents and, well, frankly deaths.

There will be an instructor driving the boat who can help if you need it, there will be weights and plenty of spares of almost all bits of kit.


The offer

So if you want a shakedown dive because you haven’t been in the water for a few months; or you’ve got new kit; or you’ve changed your kit configuration, please call, text or email.  And for £10 go out on a nice simple dive to make sure everything is as it should be. Please do it before you start throwing yourself at deeper more adventurous stuff.  For this weekend click here, and for the Monday click here!


Please don’t ask if this offer can be extended to other dives, it can’t.  It will be one dive a weekend to the Dredger – more if the numbers justify it.

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