Happy Birthday the Internet – let’s go diving!

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It’s officially Spring, so let’s go diving!
22nd March 2018
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Diving at Dive Beyond 14th and 15th April
10th April 2018
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Happy Birthday the Internet – let’s go diving!

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Internet dive day

Happy Birthday the Internet – let’s go diving!

It seems that 49 years ago, on Saturday the 7th April 1969 the internet was born.  So since every retailer in the world hangs promotions on spurious and random things this is our contribution!

It’s Internet Dive Day!  Bring your favourite dial-up device for a dive! All Powerbooks, iPads, iPhones, iPods – and to prove we aren’t Agency-ist: laptops, tablets, smart phones and MP3 devices welcome.  A nice dry dive centre and some juicy electricity awaits you!

So whilst your favoured device has a well-earned break away from you, you can enjoy yourself with  an amazing dive!

The weather is looking great and the temperatures are getting higher – not all that high yet in the sea it must be admitted, but it is warming up nonetheless!

Sat 7th April

10.30 – Torpedo Pier

14.30 – Scalloping of Bally or Grove Point


Sun 8th Apr

10.00 – Cragside (2 spaces only)

12.00 – Landing Craft or Countess  (4 spaces)

14.00 – Bally Bay (2 spaces)

16.00 – Outer Breakwater Drift


Call, email or message to book!

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