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Last minute spaces 6th and 7th July
5th July 2019
Dive Against Debris
Dive Against Debris
12th October 2019

Freediving Course!

That’s a Freediving Course as in breath-hold diving, not as in no cost!  But then if you’re reading this you know us and you can probably guess that!

Most of you will know that Jess Hannah our awesome Chief Instructor, took herself off to Italy earlier in the year and qualified as a PADI Freediving Instructor.  We’re super-proud of her and since then she has been planning, practicing and teaching!

She’s running another PADI Freediver course on the 26th and 27th August with four spaces left on the course.  So if you want to challenge yourself and get into something that is super-peaceful, amazing for fish-watching and really rather cool, then call, email to text to book your space!

The first day involves some theory recap, a breathing workshop, and a pool session teaching static apnea, dynamic apnea and some rescue techniques. Yes Rescue – it’s completely different from diver rescue and fascinating stuff.

Day 2 includes another breathing workshop, and two separate sea based freediving lessons from our RIB’s learning proper techniques for free immersion and constant weight freediving, alongside some more rescue techniques.


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