Free Cylinders at Dive Beyond!

4th April 2017
Viz and Diving Report 8/9 April
Viz and Diving Report 8/9 April
10th April 2017
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Free Cylinders at Dive Beyond!

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Free Cylinders at Dive Beyond!

Cylinders are heavy, they are cumbersome, they are not easy to carry.  You may not own your own yet. And of course they have a habit of going out of test just when you most need them!  Put all that worry behind you!

If you’re diving with us you can have a cylinder for FREE!  That’s NO CHARGE, GRATIS, CHEAPER than CHEAP!  No rental charge, just a cylinder for you to use!

If you’re travelling a long way and don’t want to lug your cylinder around, or maybe don’t own your own tank yet.  Or perhaps your cylinder has gone out of test.  Not problem there are free cylinders at Dive Beyond!

How it works.

Of course there are a few do’s and don’ts to this:

1.  Please book a cylinder in advance. Don’t just turn up expecting a cylinder as our resources aren’t endless and we only have a fixed number of cylinders!

2. You must be diving with us not throwing yourself in with another operator or off the beach!

3. You pay for the fills.  The cylinder will come full but also needs to be left full.

4. If all our cylinders are already booked out, sorry. As I said we only have a finite number, when they’re booked they’re booked.

Clubs and Schools.

This offer is available to groups and individuals alike. If you’re coming down as a group and don’t want to haul all the cylinders along just call and book them and they’re yours!  Well not yours permanently obviously, but yours to use for the duration of your diving with us!

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