British Inventor & M2


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Dive Beyond
Castletown, Portland, Dorset DT5 1BD, United Kingdom
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15 °C
Wind: 8 KPH
Humidity: 1 %
Visibility: 16 KM


11 Jul 2020


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British Inventor & M2

British Inventor 20M

Mined in June 1940, all that remains is the well-scattered remains of the bow section of this British oil tanker of 7101 tons. The aft portion was salvaged and converted to a new ship. Has plenty of marine life and is well broken up with only the ribs and plates showing with its highest point about 2 metres off the sea bed.


M2 34M

One of the most popular boat dives from Portland this submarine is an official War Grave. She was built in 1918 as a K-boat and in 1927 she was converted to carry a light sea plane in a hangar in front of the conning tower. It is generally accepted that she sunk after diving with the hangar doors open (as they are today). The M2 is not far west round the Bill, is about 300’ and all hands were lost on her when she sunk in January 1932.

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