Diving this week 30th May – 3rd June. Updated

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10th May 2018
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Diving at Dive Beyond 7 – 10 June!
5th June 2018
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Diving this week 30th May – 3rd June. Updated

Look at the viz

Amazing viz on the Countess!

Diving this week 30th May – 3rd June. Updated

Good morning (well it is as I write) fellow urinators, and before you all think I’m being either insulting or grubby check the definition here!  So now you know!

The latest reports for Portland diving (and this is from the horses mouth… i.e. mine!).  Viz 10m plus everywhere. Temperature 14 in and around the harbour, 13 offshore.  fish… oh yes they’re coming back in their droves!

Sports, to the diving coming up in the next few days.  But before I do that the water is now 14 degrees and the viz continues to be stunning.  And I mean stunning. 10m minimum. DIVINE!


Well we’ve recently introduced (thanks to the boys at O’Three) an evening dive once a week.  At the moment it’s each Wednesday at roughly 18.00.  If you need it to be a bit later just ask, we might be able to move it a bit. Although probably not much beyond 19.00 as I have a home too! The dives are generally local dives but we can do further afield (no not the M2) on request.

As ever call, click or message to book on the dive.  please don’t just turn up as we may not have space, or we might not even be running.


2 dives on Friday with up to 6 spaces available on each dive.  10.00 and 13.00 one to the Countess and one to the Cragside.  Check out the photo at the top of this article, taken by me on Monday 27th May.  The Countess, AWESOME viz. Such a happy diver!

Saturday 2nd June

Dives with spaces (and please note you can’t book on back to back dives. So if you’re going for the M2 and you want a second dive then really your only option is 09.00 to the Cragside):

09.00 Cragside – 4 spacesChanged to Adelaide but FULL

11.00 Grove Point – 6 spaces

13.00 M2 – 2 spaces left – FULL, sorry

16.00 – Durdle Door 6 spaces

Sunday 3rd June

Again spaces we have currently are….

09.00 Lulworth Banks – 4 spaces for a touch of Scalloping if that’s your thing – FULL

11.30 Church Ope Cove

13.30 UB74 – 4 spaces.  If you like the M2 you’ll LOVE this

14.00 Pulpit Rock – UPDATE 4 spaces left


So get texting, messaging or calling and lets get you diving!


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