August Bank Holiday diving spaces!
August Bank Holiday diving spaces – and beyond at Dive Beyond!
24th August 2017
diving 30 Sep and 1 Oct
Diving on 30th September and 1st October
25th September 2017
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Diving plans for 2/3 Sep!

Diving plans for 2/3 Sep!

Diving plans for 2/3 Sep!

Diving plans for 2/3 Sep!

Hail fellow bubblers, some dives for you to toy with, contemplate, discuss and then come and dive!

On Saturday 2nd Sep we have spaces as follows:

07.30 – the M2. 3 spaces available and yes I know it’s an early start but complain to Neptune.

10.30 – Durdle Door I need 4 for this so loads of space.  if we don;lt get 4 we’ll sod Bally bay or Church Ope Cove

13.00 – the Alex van Opstall.  A great dive and such a civilised time! 3 spaces going to the first to contact us!

16.00 – the hunting grounds of Bally Bay for those of you who fancy a scallop or 2.  Question… why do we talk about going scalloping… but we take scollops? Love the english language!

For all the above I can put another boat on if you are a group of 4 or more.

On Sunday…

09.30 – Cuttlefish city. Also known as the Dredger! 6 spaces

11.30 – the Countess of Erne, that good old Portland favourite and brilliant wreck

13.30 – the Cragside. Can you find the word Newcastle on her?  I did (although it did take a while!)

15.30 – a quick zip out to the Outer Breakwater ‘pier’ (shhhh)

Again if you are 4 or more and want to do something else just call and we will sort!

As ever call us on 01305 861441, text 07710418127 or email to or message via Facebook.  Dale is at NDAC on Thursday and Friday so be patient texting or messaging as I may be underwater!


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