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29th May 2018
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17th June 2018
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Diving at Dive Beyond 7 – 10 June!

007 dives Portland

James Bond comes to Dive Beyond!

Diving at Dive Beyond 7 – 10 June!

Happy Tuesday everyone!  Well it must have been a good weekend last weekend as I’m still tired now!  We had all sorts of things going on including a James Bond theme party/dive where everyone dived in DJ’s or evening dresses under their drysuits (see picture… awesome!). Dive South joined us mob handed – lovely to meet/see you guys and  we said hello to quite a few new faces and some older ones (Twins, Debs, Paul B, Andy, Paul K, Andy, Cha and Rupert to name but a few!).  However what is going on this weekend I hear you ask.. so here is the diving at Dive Beyond 7 – 10 June!

So to this coming week:


14.00 – Countess

18.00 – Aerials. A cracking drift dive round the other side of Portland (just up from Pulpit)


09.30 – Durdle Door

12.30 – Alex van Opstall. Click here if you want more info!

15.30 – Countess of Erne


09.00 – Bally Bay – rays, sea hares and dog fish seen here last weekend

12.30 – Blackhawk Bow, the shallow half!  One of the prettiest dives around.  Quite a long way but truly worth the effort. A small wreck and then a gorgeous drift

15.30 – Lulworth Banks for a touch of scalloping or a rather nice drift dive if you prefer to look rather than take!


Just a side note.  Please be aware these are planned dives.  If we don’t get the numbers we need we might have to move them closer inshore.

Don’t forget FREE cylinders if you don’t want to lug your own along!

So text, message, call or email not book your diving!

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