Diving available 1st/2nd September at Dive Beyond!

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Diving available 1st/2nd September at Dive Beyond!

Diving available 1st/2nd September at Dive Beyond!

So a more typical Bank Holiday than we’ve had previously this year! although to our surprise despite gale force winds and horizontal rain the viz held up.  Reports of up to 8m offshore and closer in we had about 4 – 6.  So all round not too bad!

The forecast for the coming weekend is back to  ‘boil-in-your-drybag’ temperatures – Hurrah! And not much wind forecast either so here is what we have available for the weekend:


09.00 – Underwater Curiosity Park (just by the Dredger).  Not quite sure what’s there yet – which is why we’re curious. But we hope we’ll find out on this dive! – 8 spaces

11.30 – Durdle Door – 6 spaces

14.30 – Aerials – cracking drift dive on the west side of the island – 6 spaces

16.00 – Bally Bay – scallops or pretty drift whichever you prefer – 6 spaces


09.00 – Lulworth Banks – 4 spaces

12.00 – James Fennel – 4 spaces

14.30 M2 – 5 spaces


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