Diving at Dive Beyond 14th and 15th April

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3rd April 2018
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10th April 2018
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Diving at Dive Beyond 14th and 15th April

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Portland Harbour diving

Diving at Dive Beyond 14th and 15th April

Hurrah!  For the 3rd weekend in a row it seems the weather is going to be suitable for diving!  And this weekend there’s even a yellow orb predicted to be in the sky!  Yeeeeeeees!!

So grab the suntan lotion and the dive kit and head for the coast for the weekend… or day anyway!

Here’s what we have to offer this weekend:

On Saturday

11.00 on Sabre to : James Fennel  (but I will need 4 to run this)

or if that doesn’t tickle your diving fancy then also at

11.00 on Sword to: Bally Bay (will run that for 2!)

Then once you’ve scoffed something utterly delicious but fattening (after all we all use MILLIONS of calories diving) you could leap on a boat at 15.00 bound for

15.00 on Sabre: Scalloping run to Grove Point


15.00 on Sword: One of the harbour wrecks


On Sunday

09.00: Dredger – if you haven’t dived yet this year we’re offering a shakedown dive for £10 – see the news article about it, but please show your log book/computer to prove it.  Otherwise full price!

13.30: Lulworth Banks drift dive


Normal form everyone, call, text or email to book you space!

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