Diving plans for 2/3 Sep!
Diving plans for 2/3 Sep!
30th August 2017
Blue Planet II
3rd October 2017
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Diving on 30th September and 1st October

diving 30 Sep and 1 Oct

diving 30 Sep and 1 Oct

Diving on 30th September and 1st October

Hi all my fellow bubblers (and of course those of you of a CCR non-bubble persuasion). At risk of jinxing everything the weather is looking good and if the viz continues as it has been we should be in for a cracking weekend!  So here is our offering for the coming weekend, some new stuff for some of you I hope!

Saturday 30 September:

08.30 Outer Breakwater wall – which bit will depend…

10.30 British Inventor (23m roughly) Not one we do often but someone was raving about it the other day so I thought we’d go and see!

13.30 Church Ope Cove

16.00 Bally Bay

Sunday 1 October:

Celebrate the start of a new month with a delicious choice of:

08.00 Lulworth Banks Scallop hunting for those who wish and a fab drift for those who don’t!

10.30 Countess of Erne  Trigger fish seen on her last weekend so bring a camera! (some great Go pro things at Underwater Explorers at the moment if you are a camera buff…)

12.45 Elena R (27m)  Again not a dive we have done very often but it seems a shame to ignore it!

15.30 James Fennel Always a cracking dive



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