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Dive Sites

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DredgerOct-2012m.The Dredger lies right outside of Portland Harbour within the sheltered bay of Balaclava (in front of the large winch). This is believed to be a sand dredger and it makes an excellent shallow dive and training site in almost all weather and sea conditions. The wreckage is pretty much broken up.Local£25
Earl of AbergavennyOct-2015m.This is an East Inidiaman that struck the Shambles bank and sunk in front of Weymouth in 1805 with a large loss of life. Please be careful while diving this wreck and do not touch artefacts as it is currently a study project.
Elena R20-3027m.This 4500 ton Greek steamship was mined in November 1939 during its voyage to Antwerp. It measures 370’ to 53’ and was salvaged, is broken. The seabed is made out of shifting gravel and parts of the wreck stand 7 metres high.East Bay£32
Elmcrest50-6060m.A 4343 steamer she was sunk in July 1940 by a German E-boat.
Empress of India40-5045m.This 14,100 ton battleship was used as a gunnery and torpedo target and sank as result of this, turning turtle following several hits. Partly salvaged, lies on a sand sea bed.
Enecuri (Spaniard)Oct-2013m.This 3000 ton Spanish steamship dragged her anchor in a Force 9 gale in December 1900 and was grounded on the rocks close to the Breakwater where she slipped and eventually sank. It is badly silted and fairly broken up but is full of marine life.Local£25
Ethel30-4038m.A well-broken steamship of about 2000 tons standing 6 metres off the sea bed.
Ferry Bridge0-106m.This is the areas most interesting and colourful shore dive but is tide dependent. Maximum depth is about 6 to 7 metres depending on the state of the tide. Slack water is +1/2 hours HW Portland or -4 Hours HW Portland.
Fisgard II60-7065+This 6010 ton ship was launched in 1870 named Invincible and operated for some time as the Erebus. In September 1914 while being towed to Portland she listed and sank with the loss of 21 souls. Her highest point is at 47 metres and she is reported to be lying upside down against a high reef.
Franziska50-6055m.The depth of this steamship varies according to sources (if you have updates please e-mail them to us). She collided with a Norwegian ship in 1889 and sank, now lying on a sand and shingle seabed.
Frognor30-4034m.This is a 1500 ton Norwegian steamship, torpedoed in May 1918. She measures 260’ by 32’ and stands 7 metres in places.West Bay£45
Grane40-5047m.This 1120 ton Norwegian cargo vessel was torpedoed and sunk in March 1919. She measures 230’ by 30’ and is fairly broken up lying North to South with its highest point 6 to 7 metres off the sea bed.
Grove to Baly Bay20-3025m.This is a very rewarding dive with depths ranging from 16 to 25 metres maximum. The dive time is normally 1-2 hours before or 1-2 hours after HW and the dive area is from the vicinity of Grove point to Balaclava Bay. The ground varies from ledges to very rocky undulating ground. Can be very prolific sea life.East Bay£27
HimalayaOct-2012m.This 4600 ton three masted steamer was launched in 1853 and after serving in the Crimean war as a large troopship, was sold as a coal hulk. While anchored in Portland harbour she was struck in June 1940 by bombs dropped from a German aircraft and sank there.
Illinois60-7070m.This is reported to be a wreck with a deck at 58 metres sitting at 70+ metres of a sea bed and 400 ft long.
Inisinver40-5043m.This small 127 ton ton motor vessel stands 3 to 4 metres high in some areas and was carrying China clay when she sank after hitting an obstruction in September 1930.
Iolanthe40-5044m.A 3081 ton steamship that was sunk in January 1918 by a German U-boat while carrying military stores, cattle fodder and military vehicles. She lies on a sand and shingle sea bed.
James FennelOct-2018m.A small Admirality trawler only 123’ long that went aground on Blacknor Point in March 1920 in thick fog, slid off and sank there. The stern is complete and amidship there is an engine and boiler.East Bay / Local£35
L2450-6054m.This 1080 ton British submarine measures 230’ by 24’ and sunk in 1924 after a collusion with the HMS Resolution.
Landing CraftOct-2017m.This small landing craft lies beside the Breakwater wall and close to the Bombardon unit. It is an interesting, but silty, dive and offers an underwater platform for training activities.Local£25
Landrail20-3031m.This pre-World War MTB destroyer sank while being towed back to Portland after being used as a target for battleship practice and taking two direct hits on her guns. She now lies in two parts on a shingle sea bed. In the past this wreck was called both the HMS Hazard and the HMS Bittern.West Bay£40
LH Carl50-6054m.This 1916 ton steamer torpedoed in Lyme Bay in July 1917 and stands 5 to 6 metre in places.
Lord Stamp50-6060m.This naval trawler was mined in October 1940 and lies in 60 metres.
Lulworth Banks20-3025m.The area’s most popular drift dive which offers plenty of activities for divers at all levels, including scalloping and sea life identification.West Bay£32


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James Fennel

James Fennel