Dive Beyond – dive spaces 7th & 8th July

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26th June 2018
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Dive Beyond – dive spaces 7th & 8th July

Caves at Durdle Door

Diving the Durdle Door Caves

Dive Beyond – dive spaces 7th & 8th July.

Well last weekend was ‘interesting’.  The forecast was just about as wrong as it could possibly have been.  Gusting winds of up to Force 7  (that’s 32-38 miles per hour for us land lubbers, otherwise known as ‘oooh that’s a bit rough’) were forecast for Sunday.  But on the day we had nothing, and at one point I mean NOTHING! It was almost spooky.  So a huge apology to all of you who we spoke to and basically told you not to bother.  We was wrong! Or the forecast was anyway!

So to this weekend.  Well it’s looking pretty Scorchio – for those of you old enough to remember the Fast Show.  And for those who aren’t old enough click here and giggle!  So with sunshine galore and no wind we should be able to offer some pretty splendid diving!

Here are the spaces available -remember to not pick to back-to-back dives!

Saturday 7th July

09.00 – Dredger 7 spaces

09.45 – Elana R click here for info! We have 5 spaces left

13.00 – Dredger  7 spaces

13.30 – Cragside. Empty boat at present so ned 4 people minimum to run

17.00 – Pulpit Rock 3 spaces

Sunday 8th July

11.00 – Black hawk (the shallower bit) 5 spaces.  if you’ve not done this… book it quick, its awesome!

13.30 – Durdle Door. 6 spaces.  If you haven’t yet seen the videos by Wayne Taylor of the caves click here and then get in touch to book QUICK! It’s awesome!

15.30 – Shhhhh… just outside the harbour! If you don’t know what I mean message me and I’ll tell you!! 3 spaces


Message, call or email to book you places now!

Happy diving people!







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