26th October 2015


Welcome to Scuba diving in the amazing waters of Dorset, with some of the finest diving on the south coast.! ! At Dive Beyond you can […]
6th November 2015

Our New Boat

Competition time! This is our new boat, and she is very beautiful (and very yellow) but the poor little sausage is nameless. Ahhhhh shame… So, whilst […]
14th November 2015

Dec 5th Party and Dives

I’m really sorry everyone but we are going to have to postpone the party and diving. Pete has just been called forward for an operation that […]
11th January 2016

The Dive Centre

We won’t be in the building until 1 March but are busy planning the layout and how to improve the overall look and flow of the place.
11th January 2016


Well it’s called Sword and is still very yellow!
11th January 2016

Chopped up Chaps

Pete’s Hip. Really pleased to say that Pete’s hip op (hip hop hahaha) went really well and he is heading to Portland to start getting things moving for the season!
11th January 2016

Boat Bookings

Anyone wanting to go diving… now or in the coming months… just call, email or text.
24th February 2016

And so it starts!

  Tomorrow we pick up the keys to the new dive centre! Very excited! The painting, building, moving and general mayhem starts!  Those of you who have […]
5th March 2016

Proper work starts

Today some walls came down! Tomorrow more paint goes on and then next week some walls go up!  Massive thanks to Mark Edwards and John Edwards […]
8th March 2016

Push the boat out!

Pete and Dale are really excited to confirm that Dive Beyond will be up and running (although the paint might still be wet!) for the Easter […]
17th March 2016

Portland newest dive centre: Launch Party!

A quick reminder: If you can find the time to join us in celebrating the launch of Dive Beyond we would LOVE to see you.  Saturday […]
24th March 2016

Traditional Bank Holiday Weather

Compressor bought and installed – check Boats coded, cleaned and working – check Paint on walls – check Carpet on floor – check Wine and food […]
2nd April 2016

A glorious day in Portland!

Our first weekends diving for Dive Beyond with the first boat and the first divers going out!  Bright sunshine, fun people and blue sea.  Now THIS is why […]
28th October 2016
winter diving deals

2017/8 Winter Diving packages!

Winter Diving Deals. I’m delighted to say that we are able to hold our prices from last year and offer the following fab diving deals! From 1 […]
7th January 2017
Closed at the moment

Sorry but we’re temporarily closed

Sorry but we’re temporarily closed.  For personal reasons the dive centre is closed at the moment.  We will be open again by the 13th Jan (next Friday) […]
7th April 2017
The PADI Drift Diver Specialty

Free Cylinders at Dive Beyond!

Free Cylinders at Dive Beyond! Cylinders are heavy, they are cumbersome, they are not easy to carry.  You may not own your own yet. And of […]
11th May 2017

13th and 14th May some tasty diving!

13th and 14th May some tasty diving at Dive Beyond! The forecast is sunny and bright, the water temperature into the double figures and rising and […]
3rd October 2017

Blue Planet II

10th April 2018
tired dive kit

It’s ‘that’ time of year again – a slightly serious post.

It’s ‘that’ time of year again Yes it’s the beginning of the dive season again, which obviously here at Dive Beyond we’re delighted about! BUT, and […]
9th May 2018
Diving spaces for the 12th and 13th May

Diving spaces for the 12th and 13th May

Diving spaces for the 12th and 13th May. Hello diving world!  Unlike last week when I wrote my last missive I am now sitting here in […]