26th February 2016

Dolphins in Portland!

Wow what a start to the day! 08.10 out walking my dogs and admiring the sea (hoping that it will be dive-able any day) when suddenly I […]
2nd April 2016

A glorious day in Portland!

Our first weekends diving for Dive Beyond with the first boat and the first divers going out!  Bright sunshine, fun people and blue sea.  Now THIS is why […]
14th April 2016

More Dolphins!

Oh dear more dolphins!  Pete’s photography could do with some work but…
3rd August 2016

Portland’s buzzing this weekend!

Not only is there the usual fantastic diving going on this weekend but there’s loads of other things too…. O’Three have their annual Warehouse Clearance sale […]
28th October 2016
winter diving deals

2017/8 Winter Diving packages!

Winter Diving Deals. I’m delighted to say that we are able to hold our prices from last year and offer the following fab diving deals! From 1 […]
16th November 2016
diving cancelled again due to bad weather

Diving cancelled again due to bad weather!

Sorry everyone.  If you were planning on coming to see us this coming weekend I’m afraid we will be closed yet again. Basically all diving is cancelled due […]
10th April 2017
Viz and Diving Report 8/9 April

Viz and Diving Report 8/9 April

Viz and Diving Report 8/9 April:  So the first ‘real’ diving weekend of the year – it’s been a long time coming, thank you UK weather! […]
18th July 2018
PADI Rescue Diver Course

Dive spaces 21st and 22nd July!

Dive spaces 21st and 22nd July! Lots of good stuff again this weekend and again the weather gods are doing their stuff and the weather forecast […]