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May Bank Holiday Diving
2nd May 2018
Diving spaces for the 12th and 13th May
Diving spaces for the 12th and 13th May
9th May 2018
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Bank Holiday Monday Diving

bank Holiday Monday Forgot something

Embarassed of Portland

Bank Holiday Monday Diving

Ahhh, yes it’s a Bank Holiday this weekend isn’t it! That means we will be diving on Monday as well as Saturday and Sunday.  Guess who has egg on her face?  And thank you to all my lovely dive friends for gently reminding me!

Rather than repeat the previous post, if you would like to book dives for Saturday and Sunday (and we only have a few places left now) click here  to see what we’ve got!

For Monday we have:

09.00 – Dredger.  We’ll do this as another Shakedown dive so the price is only a tenner.  If you’re not sure what this means please click here  Certain rules apply and I don’t want to upset anyone!

11.00 – One of the harbour wrecks, so Countess of Erne, Cragside or Landing Craft

13.00 – Bally Bay drift

15.00 Durdle Door

You know what to do: call, text, message or mail! (email that is not snail mail!)

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