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9th August 2016
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28th October 2016
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August Bank Holiday diving slots!

It’s the last Bank Hols of the year folks – well I suppose technically it’s not as there’s Christmas still to come… but the last one in the summer then! So grab the dive bag and head on down to Portland for some delicious diving!

As well as some fantastic diving why not come down for the Aqua Hotel’s BBQ on Saturday evening (starting at 17.00, or 5.00pm for you non-24 hour people!). A great way to unwind even more and fill the body up after all that strenuous diving stuff!

So diving slots available:
09.00 – Cragside
11.45 – Elana R
15.00 – Bally Bay

12.45 – Binnendyke (only 3 spaces left)
13.00 – Countess of Erne
15.30 – Lulworth Banks (scallop dive)
15.45 – Landing Craft and Bombardon Unit

07.30 – M2 (3 spaces left)
10.30 – Durdle Door
10.30 – James Fennel
12.30 – Outer Breakwater
14.30 – Aerials

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