30th June/1st July diving available – Dive Beyond!

on the boat at Dive Beyond
Dives for the 23rd and 24th June!
17th June 2018
Caves at Durdle Door
Dive Beyond – dive spaces 7th & 8th July
3rd July 2018
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30th June/1st July diving available – Dive Beyond!

gorgeous weather

Leaving Dive Beyond

30th June/1st July diving available – Dive Beyond!

Hopefully by now most of you will have seen or heard of the viz we’ve been having down here in extremely sunny Portland!  Frankly it’s been wonderful and last weekend we had some amazing diving going on. The viz reports from Durdle Door were extraordinary with 20m in the cave, but 10m on the Alex van Opstal, 10 – 12 on the James Fennel and even the harbour dives were 8m plus.

The temperature is now 15 degrees and with the weather forecast being sun, sun and, oh more sun for this week I would expect it to be 16 by the weekend.

Available dive spaces:

So without further ado the offering for this weekend is (if you have already booked dives that don’t appear here, don’t worry.  I only advertise dives we have spaces on!):

Sat 30th June


09.30 – Durdle Door Cavern or Cave, whichever you’d prefer to call it! 7 spaces available

14.30 – Torpedo Range – 8 spaces


10.30 – Cannonball Run – 8 spaces

14.30 Bally Bay – 8 spaces

Sun 1 July


10.00 – Durdle Door Cave – 8 spaces. See the video from last weekend here!


08.30 – Lulworth Banks –  5 spaces

11.00 – Dredger –  6 spaces

12.30 – M2 – 5 spaces

15.30 – Cragside – 8 spaces

Text, email, phone or message to book not one of these spaces.  Please note you can’t do back to back dives as there’s no time for fills, snacks or the obligatory rush to the loo!

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