Welcome to Scuba diving in the amazing waters of Dorset, with some of the finest diving on the south coast.

Come to Dive Beyond and experience UK diving at it’s best! We are right on the Jurassic coast with a plethora of wrecks and reefs to explore,  3 Dive Boats and a team of experienced skippers and a Dive School with experienced, friendly Instructors who can take you from your very first dive, to your deepest Technical depths and even up to SCUBA Instructor!  With a hotel right next door, ample parking and stunning wildlife and views, there’s something for everyone.

(INCLUDING non-diving family and friends who can explore whilst you’re underwater!)

Great Diving in Portland Dorset!

We’re so lucky to be in Portland; with possibly more wreck diving than any other part of the UK and wrecks of course mean … fish!  Because of the shape of the island (well technically Portland is an isthmus!) we manage to get boats out when other parts of the UK might not be able to. Then there’s the Jurassic Coastline.  An almighty WOW for the coastal scenery which frankly is far better seen from a boat than it is from the land!

We hope you’ll relax and enjoy your time hanging out with us, not just talking diving, but doing it too.