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Diving 14/15 July

fish football

The Football fish

Diving 14/15 July

It’s official Dive beyond is a ball free zone (of the tennis and football variety!) this weekend.  The only football you will potentially see is of the fishy variety – and that’s not exactly likely since these little beauties are deep-sea dwellers.  But you never know…

So if you’re tired of tennis and fed-up with footie give us a call and come and cool down by flinging yourself into the briny.  It’s so lovely down here at the moment, sunny, hot, sea that is WARM and critters galore. Pulpit Rock about an hour ago (Wednesday morning) easily 15m of viz!

So what is on this weekend?  see below:

Sat 14 July

08.30 Torpedo Pier

10.30 Durdle Door caves – come and see what the fuss is all about… it’s awesome

13.30 Bally Bay

Sun 15th July

11.00 Durdle Door caves

12.30 UB74

15.00 Countess of Erne


You know what to do next… Call, text, message or smoke signals and we’ll book you on.

Oh and please don’t book ‘if England loses on Wednesday’.  Firm bookings only please!



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