Boat Charter

So, you want to go diving!

Call us and we’ll organise all your diving for you.

No matter how experienced or new to the sport you may be Portland has it all from lovely easy ‘bimbles’ to hard-core tec diving and everything in between.

We have two 7.9m ribs of our own plus we can call on other boats as required.   And YES our ribs have ladders so you don’t have to do the less than elegant rib-wriggle to get back on board.

Boat Bookings


If you don’t have a buddy we can pair you up with someone when you’re here.We will do our best to make sure it’s someone of the same kind of qualification and experience as you – but can’t always guarantee this obviously.


No matter how big or small your group might be and how varied the diving levels are within your group we can organise all the diving you may want. We can run separate boats for you: perhaps one for advanced divers and another for intermediate or newer divers. We can vary the dive sites, we can more or less work however you would like!<

For groups we offer some good discounts:

  • For dives in the harbour and as far as Grove Point:  if you have 6 divers the sixth person will go free
  • For dives beyond Grove Point: if you have 6 divers a seventh will go free.


No matter whether you’re PADI, BSAC or TDI – or any other agency – when you’re teaching you have special requirements that pleasure divers may not have.  We can advise on the right dive site for your course making sure the depths and topography match your needs.  We have CESA lines available and also ‘catch’ lines if you’re doing weight belt drops.  We may even be able to offer you a safety diver if you’re struggling (although this needs to be discussed in advance).

We can certainly offer you discounts depending on your numbers:

  • If you have 4 students (or 4 people paying for their dives in your group and on the same dives as you) your Safety Diver will go half-price and Instructor will go free.
  • For PADI schools we carry spare paper PICs and copies of all the manuals should you or your students forget theirs or sign up for something whilst they are diving!
  •  We can supply you with copies of our Risk Assessments for all the dive sites and our Emergency Action Plan so you have all the local information to hand.

How to book

You can tell us exactly what you want to dive and when, or you can use our guide to what’s possible on your chosen dates to help you plan your dives.

Once you’ve decided what and when we need to know how many. 

This can be anything from one person to a large group.  To guarantee the dives you want though you will need at least 4 people for local runs or 6 for offshore ones. If you have fewer in your group we will try our best to get others to book on to your chosen dives but we can’t guarantee it I’m afraid.

Confirmation. We don’t ask for deposits but we do ask for you to honour your bookings.

We need to know if your numbers change up – or down!  If they go up we may not be able to get everyone on the same boat and if they go down we may not be able to take you where you were hoping to go.  Please download and read our Dive Booking Agreement that sets out how we operate.

Weather.  We will always let you know if we think the weather is going to be too bad to dive, although sometimes we may get it wrong! 

We will also warn you if we KNOW the viz is bad.  However unless we have dived your site ourselves that day we can’t predict what the visibility and conditions will be like – I wish we could!